Turning Bright Ideas Into Profitable Businesses

Limits are just a state of mind

GR8 Ventures is an early-stage business accelerator and turn around specialist bringing unsurpassed expertise to grow new ventures.

Great Ventures - Success belongs to those who date to achieve it

Success belongs to those who dare to achieve it

We support entrepreneurs and innovators in their quest to create game-changing products and services with everything they need in order to thrive.

We maximize value, efficiencies and return from entrepreneurial and early stage ventures using a hands-on model with strategic insights, practical operating solutions, and expert guidance.

The secret to getting ahead is getting started

Get the picture
Looking for a short injection of innovation? We share our knowledge within technologies, innovation practices and strategic development.
Build it fast
Are you about to realize or conceptualize your service or product? We categorize your ideas and help build your prototype.
Make it stick
Do you want to create sustainable solutions? We make sure your innovative efforts create long-term value.
Great Ventures - The secret to getting ahead is getting started
Great Ventures - Teamwork makes the dream work

Teamwork makes the dream work

Our operating model uses an in-the-trenches approach combining strategic guidance with proven management practices taking early stage business ventures from development through functional implementation and market entry.

We structure our services around a fee or a fee and equity participation model providing our partners flexibility in how they work with us and ensuring efficacy in our solutions.

We target high growth, high opportunity verticals where intellectual capital on both sides of the relationship creates windows for mutual success.

How Big Can You Dream?

Discover What’s Possible.

We are deep subject matter experts with proven track records across core business functions









Dream big and make it happen

Great Ventures - Universities

We work with those entrepreneurs with differentiating ideas, unique value propositions, and new technologies infusing their businesses with core operating capabilities.

We engage entrepreneurs after the business plan stage to:

  • Help shape viable ideas into robust operating structures
  • Provide actionable guidance and advice
  • Perform interim functional and general management roles
  • Prepare the business leadership to approach investors
  • Support the business for launch, license, or merger
Great Ventures - Early Stage

We work with early stage companies to improve operating efficiencies, address business issues, and introduce new skills or disciplines to increase profitability and long term viability.

We collaborate with existing business management providing skills and solutions to bridge the gap between early adoption and large scale market success.

Great Ventures - Turnaround

Many established businesses have a demonstrated need to turn around performance or to merely accelerate the growth curve.

We bring insight and key skills needed to get a business back on track or to reengineer structural operating elements central to success.

Our compensation model incorporates a success fee element tying our performance closely with that of our partners.

The GR8 Venture Program

The GR8 Venture Program

Turning Bright Ideas Into Profitable Businesses

The Venture Program combines a supportive community with key resources for students and young entrepreneurs who are actively building an idea into a venture. From workshops to one-on-one advising, participants gain access to opportunities tailored to their stage and venture.

It’s simple: we need innovators.

We need visionaries whose bold thinking shifts the paradigm.
We need radical solutions for our most pressing problems.
We need ideas that are not just new, but revelatory.

Your mind can think up great things.

There’s no need to wait - start to create.

Okay! Ready?

Before you send us your pitch deck, try to answer the following:
How many T’s does your startup check off?

Total Addressable Market

How your business performs

Unique solution / product / service


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